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Recent Questions:

  • Is Ensure plus calories balanced nutrition drink recommended by doctors is halal? - Sumera
  • AOA

    Although it is kosher certified but flavors are made with alcohol so we do not consider as Halal.

    Category: General Question
    09-14-11 10:30:44
  • Peace be upon you Quaker: cafe squares, yogourt, fiber & omega 3 from No Frills supermarket, Is It Haram or Halal? i didnt see it on the list Thank you Peace be upon you - Abu-Mikail
  • AOA

    If it doesnot have COR or MK or OUD kosher symbol and containing flavor then it is not Halal.

    Category: Food Products
    09-14-11 09:54:50
  • Asalamualaikum wr wb, Hope you're doing well inshAllah. I had a query regarding icecream products by Baskin Robbins. I did a quick search on the MCG website and it showed green halal sign for most flavors of Baskin Robbin icecreams such as jamoca almond fudge.However, this was last updated in 2009 so not sure how authentic it would be. Even on their website I read that their imported products are halal certified by IFANCA. Just wanted to confirm if this is 100% for imported products to middle eastern countries as well. Do they not use alcohol as a solvent? jazakAllahu khairun Wasalamualaikum Farheen - Farheen
  • AOA

    IFANCA's Criteria for Halal status includes alcohol up to 0.5% and they Halal certify all food products made with alcohol containing flavor. MCG's criteria is zero alcohol for its Halal status. We recommend Baskin Robins ice cream products without any flavor and should made in USA. I have no idea where they made their ice cream products for other countries. We do not use Green Halal sign. We educate if food product in India has green dot and has no flavoring then that are Halal. We have our own two Halal symbol mentioned on this site and on our USA website. Any Baskin Robbin ice cream without falvor remained as is no matter if it is published in 2009.

    Category: Food Products
    09-13-11 11:59:19
  • Nofrills start selling noname halal hot dogs are they really haalal? - asad
  • AOA

    I do not have no information and do not know whose Halal symbol on the package.

    Category: Food Products
    09-09-11 12:22:15
  • Is Glycerine halal? - Raza
  • AOA

    If Glycerin is made from vegetable fat or synthetically then it is Halal but if it is made from pork fat then it is Haram. A kosher symbol such as COR, MK, OU on the food package containing Glycerin it means it is made with vegetable fat.

    Category: Ingredients
    09-09-11 12:01:52
  • foot o long by betty crocker is halal - farzana
  • AOA

    It is called Betty Crocker Fruit By Foot which is Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor.

    Category: Ingredients
    09-08-11 09:18:56
  • "Reid's diary" , Vanilla Ice Cream(100 ml tubs) contains "propylene glycol monostrate", Is it a halal ingredient? Is vanilla used in it, halal or not? - Azrah
  • AOA

    I do not have information Reid's dairy, is it just like Dairy Queen or a retail product. Propylene glycol monostrate is Halal if it is obtained from soy fat. If there is a kosher symbol on it that means it is from soy fat.I got to know the complete ingredients of this ice cream then I can say whether whay kind of vanilla is used.

    Category: Ingredients
    09-07-11 18:02:58
  • Knorr chicken cubes tht have " Halal " written on the pack and are made in Egypt but contain yeast extract,artifitial flavour....are they halal? - Nadia
  • AOA

    Artificial flavor may or may not contain alcohol. The yeast extract if from baker yeast then it is Halal if it is a by-product of beer then it is not Halal. Also I do not know whether they use machine slaughter or not. This product is Mushbooh.

    Category: Food Products
    09-07-11 16:27:04
  • Is Bake King cream of tartar Halal?? - Rahimah
  • AOA

    Cream of Tartar in USA/Canada is made from unfermented grape and it is Halal only in USA/Canada..

    Category: Ingredients
    09-07-11 01:02:39
  • jamba juice halal?
    i was wondering which products from jamba juice are halal? some of the drinks contain ingredients such as: "mango(fruit) juice, fruit juice blends, lemonade, milk, or yogurt"does this make these products doubtful? are their vegan options (without any animal derived products) halal? jazakAllah - Anonymous user
  • AOA

    Jamba juices are not Halal

    All Jamba Juice products are not Halal. Strawberry whirl all fruit smoothies is not Halal because due to presence of Non Halal or Kosher certified apple juice. All other products are made with non Halal or Kosher certified ingredients according to the company

    Category: Archive
    07-03-11 12:30:42
  • black diamond cheestrings or funcheez are halal
    Are black diamond cheestrings or funcheez halal? - Anonymous user
  • AOA No they are not Halal because the cheese is not kosher certified.
    Category: Archive
    06-28-11 11:11:20
  • is chicken breast with ribs halal in the president's choice rolls?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA No, because the chicken is non zabiha and machine slaughtered.
    Category: Archive
    06-26-11 13:21:18
  • where i can find halal or kosher parmesan cheese in toronto
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA Grande's Grated Parmesan Cheese at Costco in Mississauga, Silani's Grated Parmesan Cheese with K symbol only at Food Basic Superamrket at Mississauga. Type "Kosher Food Stores in Toronto, Canada" on then you will get COR kosher certified Parmesan cheese at many stores in Toronto.
    Category: Archive
    06-25-11 19:29:39
  • is no name rice cereal halal it has kosher U sign
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA I could not find No Name Rice cereal in adult section and also at Baby food. The only supermarkets carry No Name is No Frill, Loblaw and Canadian Superstore. But if you send me the ingredients statement then I will whether it is Halal or not. Are you sure you saw a Kosher U symbol on the package.
    Category: Archive
    06-21-11 13:13:21
  • which loreal products are halal?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA

    All L O Real shampoo & conditioner, skin care products are not made with pork or beef fat. But you have to look for Cochineal containing products which are Haram because it is made from insect.

    Category: Archive
    06-20-11 18:24:09
  • which kraft food products are halal
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA

    Kraft Cream of wheat is a Halal product.  The following products are Halal. They are already on our website. Please check first the website.


    Chunky Peanut Butter

    Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter

    All Natural Peanut Butter

    Smooth Peanut Butter

    Category: Archive
    06-20-11 18:15:29
  • Are NESTLÉ NOIR all kinds halal?
    I'd like to ask about NESTLÉ NOIR is it halal Chocolate or not? - Anonymous user
  • AOA Please look at Halal list of products under Food Products section.
    Category: Archive
    06-18-11 09:15:19
  • is nestle parlour popsicle in food basic halal
    nestle icecream halal or not - Anonymous user
  • AOA

    Please look at Halal list of products under Food Products section.

    Category: Archive
    06-17-11 21:05:26
  • assalam o alaykum, is similac advance with omega 3 halal?if not which formula should i use for my baby?jazakallah khair
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA

    Similac Advance with Omega 3 is not Halal because it is made with Nucleotide which is grown on alcohol.  Please look Halal baby infant formula under Halal list of products of Food Products section.

    Category: Archive
    06-15-11 17:06:29
  • Is Great Value pizza Mozzarella cheese halal?
    Aslamu Alikum is great value pizza mozzarella cheese halal?UPC no is 8113176247 jazak Allah - Anonymous user
  • AOA No, it is not Halal because it is not kosher certified.
    Category: Archive
    06-14-11 01:00:34
  • is no name corn syrap is halal?
    there is COR kosher sign on it but is it halal? - Anonymous user
  • AOA Corn Syrup is a Halal ingredient.
    Category: Archive
    06-07-11 00:58:41
  • coca cola drink is haram?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA According our lab analysis no alcohol was detected in Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. So they are Halal.
    Category: Archive
    05-30-11 13:01:19
  • is tim horton's donuts haram?
    they have alcohal in it or not? - Anonymous user
  • AOA Tim Horton Donuts and Bagels are not Halal.
    Category: Archive
    05-30-11 12:52:52
  • macdonald fries are halal?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA McDonald French Fries in Canada are not made non zabiha beef extract like it does in USA. The only thing questionable is the presence or absence of alcohol in natural flavor. You call MCdOnald in Canada and ask about it because alcohol is a hidden ingredient of flavor. All other ingredients arer Halal.
    Category: Archive
    05-30-11 01:14:07
  • which soaps in canada are halal?
    salam I was lookind for halal soaps in canada could you send a list - Anonymous user
  • AOA They are : Bar Soap Unscented at Whole Food Market only Toms of maine SOFTSOAP Aquarium Hand Soap Olive Oil & Aloe Vera Soap by Néolia
    Category: Archive
    05-21-11 22:18:47
  • which gums in Canada are halal?
    salam I was wondering if you could list all the halal gums in canada. - Anonymous user
  • AOA

    Please check our website for those Wriegley gums which are not made with animal derived ingredients.

    Category: Archive
    05-21-11 22:14:35
  • is jamieson prenatal multivitamins halal?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA Sorry, I have no information.
    Category: Archive
    05-17-11 23:18:55
  • is duncan hines moist delux devils food chocolat mixes halal
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA It is Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor for that you have to call the company to findout whether they use alcohol in flavor or not.
    Category: Archive
    05-14-11 23:31:00
  • is kfc is halal

    kfc chicken is halal 

    - Anonymous user
  • AOA It is not Halal because the chicken are not slaughter according to Islamic sharia.
    Category: Archive
    05-14-11 11:53:21
  • Can you introduce some halal ggelatin producers in Canada?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA They are only in Pakistan and Malaysia.
    Category: Archive
    05-11-11 22:50:30
  • taco bell bean burrito is halal?
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA Sorry, I have no information.
    Category: Archive
    05-05-11 10:01:08
  • is ovaltine from fortino's halal
    - Anonymous user
  • AOA Sorry, I have no information.
    Category: Archive
    05-04-11 10:40:27
  • is centrum multivitamin A-Z halal
    Its a multivitamin which can be obtained from Shoppers Drug mart in Canada. - Anonymous user
  • AOA All Centrum multivitamins are not Halal. Please go to Vitamin Shoppe and buy Solgar multivitamins with kosher symbol or order Halal vitamins from different Muslim owned compnies.
    Category: Archive
    04-30-11 23:25:56
  • PC decadent chocolate chip cookies contain whey, but are certified kosher. Are they halal?
    The website says that the PC decadent chocolate chip cookies are halal if no alcohol is contained. However, since the ingredients Specify whey, is the source of rennet for these cookies known? - Anonymous user
  • AOA Although President Choice Decadent Chocolate Chip cookies are kosher certified but the they contain vanilla extract which have 35% alcohol. So they are not Halal.
    Category: Archive
    04-30-11 10:22:06
  • Balsamic Vinegar
    Why do you list balsamic vinegar as haram. All vinegar comes from alcohol. And according to most hanafi scholars all vinegars are hala including spirit, wine and balsamic. Please elaborate. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum

    Many Hanafi schalors are not aware how a wine vinegar is made. The wine flavor, wine color, volatile compounds of wine and others are not subjected to change during wine vinegar processing. Only alcohol of wine is subject to change to Acetic Acid and water. Every part of wine is Haram including above, not 100% wine converted to wine vinegar so there is left over of wine in wine vinegar. This is explained in detail under " Fiqah & Science" section on our website. There are ahadith about not consuming vinegar made from wine.

    Regarding Balsamic vinegar, it is made from high sugar containing grape that means more alcohol developed during its conversion from sugar and it require aging like wine. Balsamic has a distintive smell like wine. This is the reason MCG do not consider it as Halal vinegar. Spirit vinegar is a Halal vinegar. Best recommended vinegar is the distilled white vinegar which is made by using dilute alcohol so it is free from leftover alcohol.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 04:03:39
  • More on Balsamic Vinegar

    Why would balsamic vinegar be sold in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries if it is not halal for consumption?

    Many Hanafis state it is halal.


    Can you please read below and clarify. Most sheiks say it is ok. I am hanafi.

    First Post: (

    Even if alcohol is in the flavour:

    Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:

    Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.

    Alcohol in Flavourings

    Most food products nowadays contain some type of flavouring - natural, artificial, or a combination of both.   Many of these flavourings contain alcohol, which is used as a carrier or solvent for the flavouring. 

    The actual amount of alcohol in the finished food product may vary, but it is usually around 1% or less, as the alcohol evaporates during the production process.  Items such as drinks and ice creams can contain a bit more, since no evaporation takes place.  Such a small amount of alcohol is not required to be declared on the ingredients declaration on the packaging of the product.

    The Foodguide follows the opinion of major contemporary Hanafi scholars including the venerable Mufti Yusuf Sacha of the UK (highly acclaimed foods expert) and Mufti Ashraf Usmani of Pakistan.   The fatwa in our times is that synthetic alcohols (and all alcohol not  sourced from dates and grapes) in foods and otherwise is pure (tahir), and permitted to use and consume on the conditions that:

    (a) it is not used as an intoxicant;
    (b) it is not used as intoxicants as used (i.e. for alcoholic consumption, even a little);
    (c) it is not used in an amount that intoxicates;
    (d) it is not used in vain (lahw).
    Courtesy: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

    This verdict is for alcoholic flavourings, and not where alcohol is added as an ingredient in a product.  In that case, regardless what the souce of the alcohol is, it is not permissible.

    The verdict of many contemporary 'Ulama is based on sources of Hadith which infers that alcohol from dates  and grapes are regarded as Khamr (intoxicants catagorically mentioned in the Qur'aan), and that other alcohols are not impure.

    The Hadith from Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmizi, Nasai, Ibn Majah says that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam said:
    Khamr is from these two trees: dates and grapes". (I'laus sunan Vol.18 Pg.26)

    This is the view propounded by the Foodguide service and rest assured that it is of sound Hanafi scholarship.
    Nevertheless, if you are a follower of a Maz-hab (school of thought) apart from the Hanafi School or you prefer to refrain from such products then that is fine too.  We will try to facilitate such persons by indicating which products are affected on this web-site as far as possible.   You should contact the company before consuming as alcohol flavouring is a common process.

    Flavourings from dates and grapes?
    Alhumdulillah, to date from over 15 years of experience in the field, we have yet to come across flavourings sourced from dates and grapes in the UK market.

    We dont issues fatwas at the drop of the hat, but pertinent information is necessary for a decison.  Furthermore, we do not charge the companies or consumers  for this service, it is totally a Lillah service.

    Second Post: (
    Is Vinegarette halal or haram


    The vingarette used in salads, is this haraam? It contains balsamic vinegar which I think is white wine spirit, however these are in small synthetic amounts, so does the same ruling as using an alcohol based cream which is permissable apply?


    Provided it is synthetic or is not made from wheat, barley, dates and grapes and its content level does not lead to drunkeness it is permitted.

    Third Post: (

    Ingredients such as white wine vinegar and cider vinegar are permissible.

    Vinegar is produced by two successive microbial processes. The first being an alcoholic fermentation (which is Haraam) and the second an oxidation of alcohol by aceto bacter, when it's molecular structure is changed and it ceases to be an intoxicant. Other varieties of vinegar are produced from beetroot, tarragon and alcoholic spirits. In vinegar the intoxicating factor is destroyed by the microbial process of oxidation hence it becomes permissible. Islam permits any variety of vinegar to be used as a condiment or preservative. (Muslim Food Guide - Page A26/27)

    - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum website in England is run by non food industry professional with aim to assign Halal status to all those food products made with alcohol containing flavor if the alcohol is not from Grape and Date. You ask any science or chemistry teacher of any school in Canada or any professor of chemistry that the chemical formula, chemical and physical characteristics of alcohol obatined from grape, date, corn, sugar cane or any sugar containing sources is same scientifically. There is no difference in its properties of alcohol obtained from  grape or corn. This concept based on Hajrat Imam e Azam Hajrat Abu Hanifa. But when Muslim starting abusing it his student issued another fatwa. One powerfull Hadith says that any intoxicant is Haram. MCG Hanafi Ulema in USA, other Hanafi ulema at Jamia Nizamia Hyderabad, India do not agree with Food Guide Ulema. There is fatwa on alcohol already published at our website . Alcohol containing flavors are Halal in Saudi Arabia because US food industry send all alcohol containg flavor food products to Saudi Arabia. So please do not bring Saudi Arabia example. All Halal status of food products at Food Guide is based on letters from food companies in UK and there is not a single food technologist at Food Guide to evaluate the food companies letters for its technical status. Food companies can not provide the Hidden ingredients information to anybody except Halal or kosher certifiers or they claim their products suitable for vegetarian. So lot of their Halal assigned food products if they are not Halal or Kosher certified or suitable for vegetarian may contain Haram hidden ingredients. UK Muslims should ask Food Guide how they will protect them from Haram hidden ingredient. Recently they assign Halal status to some candies then Wrigley bought the comapny changes the vegetable based source to animal based. This is written on their website. They claimed that Wrigley did not inform them. No food company in westren countries will inform any Muslim organization that they changed the source. Food products has to be under Halal or Kosher certification or Suitable For Vegetarian if they meet the Halal requirements for protection of Muslims. What about those candies UK Muslim already consumed. So please do not compare MCG stanadard with Food Guide. Natural or artificial flavors can be made without alcohol, you have to ask flavor companies to make alcohol free flavors, how come I developed four MLO Products Nutritional bars without alcohol in flavor. Becaus I asked them not to use it. How come Saudi Arabia do not require US/Canadian food companies not to use alcohol in flavor? they got buying power.

    Ask Food Guide is every thing in wine changed in wine vinegar, the answer is no because Acetobacter Bacteria only act on alcohol of wine to change it to Acetic Acid and water. It will not act on any component of wine such bas flavoring, color and volatile compounds. Every Component of wine is Haram. So those Haram unchanged component is present in wine vinegar. Beside not 100% Wine is converted to vinegar, there are little wine leftover in wine vinegar. What about those ahadith which say vinegar from wine is Haram. Wine to vinegar is done by only one fermentation which is Acetous fermentation because wine is already made with alcoholic fermentation. They need help from UK Muslim food technologists to help them, only fiqah knowledge alone is not enough to assign Halal status.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:17:46
  • Tim Horton's Donuts
    Please list down if any of Tim Horton's donuts is halal, there is a general understanding that no animal derived ingredient is used in their donuts. Please confirm. Jazakallaho khair -Kamran - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum

    Tim Hortons donuts are made without animal derived ingredients but there is no information on their website regarding use of alcohol as a solvent in flavor of Yeast Raised donuts and cake donust. So you have to call their 800 number 1-888-601-1616. They claimed that the L-Cysteine is from synthetic source which is a Halal source and Mono & Diglycerides from vegetable fat which is also a Halal source. Please check the list of donuts for vegetarian under their FAQ section at but there is no information whether their dairy ingredients are kosher certified or not. There is no claim that their donut mixes and donut glaze are kosher certified. They claimed their donut glazes are vegetable based. Bagels and cookies without any flavor such as plain bagel or flavor free oatmeal cookies(usally made with without flavor)are considered Halal only if they are not made with flavor because they are vegan products.

    But main issue with above products whether alcohol was used as a solvent or not. This information can answered only by Tim Hortons and nobody else.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:16:07
  • Al-Safa products halal?
    Al-Safa Halal chicken nuggets and chicken patties contain L-Cysteine. Are these halal? Do you have more updates on who owns Al-Safa now, is it owned by muslims? - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum I have no information on L-Cysteine and Al-Safa is now owned by non Muslim. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:15:19
  • Chocolate Liqueur
    Assalam Alaikum, I learned that chocolate liqueur is prepared by adding a small quantity of alcohol. This small quatity can be around 25% of the chocolate liqueur. I think there should be a clear alert for not consuming any products, such as ICE CREAM, that contain chocolate liqueur. I have been recently in Ottawa and asked a Laura Secord operator about their ice cream ingredients. He said that all Laura Secord chocolate products include chocolate liqueur. But he said that the quantity of the liqueur cannot affect even a 2-year old child. Is there any Muslim who consumes ice cream or any product that includes chocolate liqueur substance, on any halal basis? - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Chocolate liquor is a Halal ingredient and has no liquor or alcohol. The person at Laura Secord has provide a uncorrect answer. Chocolate Liquor is a semiplastic or pulp obtained from cocoa nibs which is obtained from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans like other beans a Halal source. Chocolate Liquor can be used as is or converted to cocoa powder and cocoa butter. It is also called Cocoa Liquor. The name liquor is given because of its semi fluidness or pulpiness. It contains 53% cocoa butter(fat). You do not have to worry about chocolate liquor in ice cream but you have to varied about alcohol in ice cream flavor and vanilla extract which contain 35% alcohol in ice cream. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:13:54
  • Flat Bread and Sour Dough Yeast
    PC flat bread also has a kosher stamp, but has something called sour dough yeast in it. What is sour dough yeast? Is it halal (no alcohol): Enriched wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, sour dough yeast, salt, cultured wheat flour, sugar, canola and/or soybean oils, monoglycerides, amylase. May contain traces of nuts and sesame. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum I think they mislabelled the ingredient because there is no sour dough yeast. Yeast could be either baker yeast used in bakery products or brewer yeast used in brewing beer or wine yeast used in making wine. There are many way of making sour dough baked products. Some bakery used dough from mixer and kept in refrigerator for one or two days or more to ferment dough more than on a bakery line. They use little portion to add to regular dough to make a sour dough baked product. Some use different methods. The above method do not produce much alcohol during fermentaion. We advice to stay away from sour dogh baked product until you find out how they make sour. It should written " Yeast, sour". Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:12:52
  • Sour dough Bread
    President's CHoice Flat Bread. It is certified kosher, but can you tell me if the SOUR DOUGH in its recipe is halal? I included the ingredients below (off their website): Enriched wheat flour, water, whole grain whole wheat flour, oat hull fibre, canola oil, cultured wheat flour, sugar, honey, dehydrated sourdough (wheat flour, rye flour, yeast, bacterial culture), salt, yeast, ascorbic acid, amylase. may contain milk, egg, soy, tree nuts and sesame seeds. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Alcohol is not a criteria for Kosher certification because it is allowed in their religion. You have to investigate how they made sour dough then dehydrated whether it is made by the bakery or bought from a bakery supplier. The most important thing is that this sour dough has to be baked before dehydration and then it could be Halal but I do not thinks so. It depends upon how much alcohol produced during sour, if it is not similar to baking bread then it might have more alcohol in the sour. The best thing is to avoid sour dough bakery product for sake of Taqwa because we are not sure about it and no company will tell how they made it. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:08:06
  • Malt, Malted barley, Malted barley extract
    Malt, Malted barley, Malted barley extract? What are these things? Are they halal. I see them in lot of breads and bagels. If there is a kosher stamp can we eat them? Isn't malt used in beer? - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Malted Barley is produced under control sprouting(Germination)of barley grain then drying to obtained higher level of Alpha Amylase and Beta Amylase enzymes used in bread baking or provide highre level of Alpha Amylase enzyme which help in proofing or fermentaion for bread or bagel baking. Malted Barely is a Halal ingredient. Malt is obtained from barley by sprouting under controlled condition and it is source of Alpha Amaylase enzyme which hydrolyze satrach to fermentable sugars such as Dextrin and Maltose. There are three classes of Malt differeing in the amount of Alpha Amylase enzyme. They are Brewer's Malt, Distriller Malt and Gibberellin Malt. They are all Halal because there is no alcohol in them. Even Brewer malt used in beer making as raw material is Halal before alcohol is produced. Malt Extract is a flavor obtained by extracting water soluble enzymes from barely by the use of water and evaporating the water to form concentrate. Malt Extract or Malt Flavoring such as used in Kelloggs cereals is a Halal ingredient because no alcohol is used. It is not called Malted Barley extract but Malt Extract or Malt flavoring. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:06:39
  • Chocolate

    Assalam Alaikum,
    The chocolate "liqueur" contains alcohol, unllike chocolate "liquor" which is a pure chocolate.
    Look at the Wiki link: ,
    and the other Wiki link: . The difference is clear.

    - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Chocolate Liquor is a semiplastic or pulp obtained from cocoa nibs a Halal vegetable source. There is no alcohol or liquor in chocolate liquor. Chocolate is a solid or semiplastic obtained from chocolate liquor which derived from cocoa nibs which are obtained from cocoa beans. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:05:20
  • halal chocolate bars
    Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullah, Are there any halal chocolate bars in Canada? Thank you - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum I am sorry for replying late because of technical issue. Only Hershey's Reeses Chocolate Bars is Halal because it does not have flavor in it. For others you have to find out from manufacturer whether they use alcohol in flavor or not. There is list of chocolate bars on our website under Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:03:32
  • Re: Liqueur chocolate (not liquor)
    Assalam Alaikum Brother Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed, Im my posts, I talked about chocolate liqueur (ends with queur) not chocolate liquor (ends with quor). The chocolate liqueur contains alcochol. This substance is in the chocolate ice cream of Laura Secord. This is confirmed by a Laura Secord operator. This substance is different from chocolate liquor that you are referring to. The liquor does not contain alcohol. Please refer to the Wiki links that I provided to see the difference. My sincere regards. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Sorry, I over look the spelling of liqueur vs liquor. The word liquor has more than one meaning including distill alcoholic beverages to simply semifluid or semiplastic condition of the material which do not have to do with alcoholic beverages such wood liquor and chocolate liquor. The liquor is pure material such as distilled alcoholic beverages brandy or wisky or chocolate liquor which contain 100% chocolate. On the other hand liqueur is a alcoholic liquor which is sweet and flavored, it is a combination of severla material such as chocolate liqueur a alcoholic beverage to which chocolate is added as flavor. So chocolate liqueur is not 100% but a combination of alcoholic liquor and chocolate. It is confusing so we have to be very careful about reading the ingredients statement of any food product. My research in 28 US supermarkets shows only few brands of ice cream such as Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry may have one item such Rum Raisin with alcoholic liquor but none of chocolate flavor ice cream brand has chocolate liqueur as an ingredient in USA. My advice is not to consumer Laura Secord products because they are not Halal due to lack of kosher certification. There is no word of kosher on their website. This is not a place for ice cream such as Baskin Robbins ice cream stores which carry 5 Halal flavor of ice cream without alcohol. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 03:02:19
  • Natural Vanilla Extract

    Recently, I came across Maltesers while visiting an Arabic Muslim country. They were labeled in Arabic as well as English. They had an ingredient in them:

    Natural Vanilla Extract.

    I was told this was different then the vanilla extract made with alcohol. Is this true?

    Can you tell me if Vanillin is halal.

    I also saw chocolate bars made in Saudi Arabia, and labeledTitle halal that contained ETHYL VANILLIN. Is this halal?

    - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum I know food laws of USA and Canada, according to Code Of Federal Regulation Vanilla Extract must contain minimum of 35% Ethyl Alcohol otherwise it will not allowed to label as Vanilla Extract under ingredients statement. I never saw in literature that natural vanillin from vanilla beans is extracted other than Ethyl Alcohol and Water. Extracted natural vanillin is used to make Vanilla Extract and other vanilla flavors. Some companies extract natural vanillin with alcohol then alcohol is evaporated and replace with Halal solvent or liquid. But our Ulema say that as soon as natural vanillin contacted with alcohol, it requires a chemical change to make it Halal otherwise not. Alcohol in natural vanillin never change chemically. I think this what happening in that Muslim country that they evaporating alcohol then replacing with Halal solvent because I do not think they have food laws in their country. Synthetic Vanillin or Synthetic Ethyl Vanillin is a artificial vanillin not natural vanillin which extracted from vanilla beans. Ethyl Vanillin is a differnt chemical form of vanillin. Synthetic vanillin is made either from guaiacol or lignin. Lignin is a derivative of wood or by-product of paper industry. No ethyl alcohol is used in making of synthetic vanillin or Vanillin or ethyl vanillin or synthetic methyl vanillin. So they are Halal ingredients. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:13:15
  • Grape Vinegar
    Recently in a store, owned by Muslims, I saw something called Grape Vinegar (grape juice vinegar). Would this be the same as Wine vinegar? Is grape/ grape juice vinegar halal? They also had apple vinegar. Is this halal? - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum No, it is not same as grape wine vinegar. If grape vinegar is made from grape juice then it is Halal. Wine made from grape then used to make wine vinegar which is not Halal because not all wine is converted to vinegar so there is a left over wine in wine vinegar, second the Haram component of wine the flavor, color etc are not converted to any new things but reamins as is such as in original wine. All the compnents of wine are Haram. Apple vinegar is also Halal. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:12:16
  • pizza hut
    salam alaikum I'm woundering if pizza hut has halal pizza thanks - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum

    Pizza Hut's cheese and crust information listed on our other website are for USA only but the ingredients for crusts and other items and suppliers are different in Canada, so I need some time to investigate them then Inshallah I will post the results on canadianhalalfoods website.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:11:11
  • halal soya sauce
    Assalamualaikum Is great value soya sauce halal? Does any one know anything about it? Please tell me about it as soon as possible. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum If the ingredients of Great Value or any brand of soy sauce start with soy and wheat then it is Naturally Brewed Soy sauce which contains 2-3% ethyl alcohol and it is not a Halal soy sauce. The Halal soy sauce do not have soy and wheat ingredients in it. It is made from Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Corn Syrup, Water and Salt. The name of Halal soy sauce is La Choy brnad's All Purpose Soy Sauce. It is availble in Canadian supermarkets. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:09:56
  • body and hair halal products in canada
    salam alaikum please help me finding body and hair halal products form men and women and kids. shampoo, conditioner, lotionbody, soap gel etc. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum

    Please go to then to Non Food Products, find the same products available in Canada and call their 800 numbers. Ask whether any ingredient is made from animal fat or animal, is there any alcohol in fragrance. If the answer they give "No" answer then you can use that skin care product. White Rain, Garnier, Niva, Costco Saop are not made with animal derived ingredients in USA but I do not know in Canada.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:08:54
  • Tim Hortons Donuts
    if yes, which ones? There is general understanding that they don't use animal derived ingredients. Please provide details. Wassalam Kamran - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Tim Hortons claimed on their website in Canada that all their bakery products are free from animal fat, gelatin, rennet, L-Cysteine is from synthetic source, so only thing you can eat those bakery products which are made without flavor and alcohol. Alcohol is used as a hidden ingredient in majority of natural or artificial flavor. Since they do not provide ingredients statement of their bakery products, so I can not say which one is Halal. Majority of donuts are made with flavor, majority of flavor are made with alcohol. Please findout any chocolate based donut is made with flavor. Majority of Glaze are made with flavor containing alcohol. It should be avoided. Please find Choloate Dip Donut or Chocolate Glazed Donut(Chocolate donut is made with flavor then ask them to make without glaze. These are only chocolate donut Tim Hortons have on their menu. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:07:50
  • msg from canadadry company regarding their products...!!

    I recently contacted the canadadry company asking them about the alcohol level in their sodas like ginger ale. They replied back with the following msg:

    Thank you for contacting us about Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Your comments and inquiries are appreciated because they provide valuable feedback about our brands.

    Some flavored beverages contain alcohols that are used as solvents for the flavor. These alcohols are derived from a fermentation process. This is true for most colas, ginger ales, root beers and other flavored beverages. However, during the production process, any trace of alcohol evaporates, and the finished product does not contain any. While our sodas are all alcohol free, they are however not Halal-certified due to this fact.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We hope that you will continue to purchase and enjoy our products.


    Consumer Relations

    Now my question is, is it okay to drink their products since they said the alcohol evaporates and the end product doesn't contain any amount of alcohol in it!!

    - Anonymous user
  • AOA Ulema said that unless alcohol changed over to new thing during processing, minimum amount of alcohol or alcohol evaporate during processing does not qualify it to be a Halal product for Muslim consumption. So Canada Dry Ginger Ale is not a Halal product. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:06:21
  • Starbucks kosher certified products

    Salam Aliacom,
    Shall we considered the Starbucks kosher certified products as indicated on the below linl HALAL.

    - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Kosher means not Halal always, it has to meet the Halal requirements. Since alcohol is allowed in kosher certified products. So we have to examine complete ingredients list of each products whether alcohol is used as a hidden ingredient in flavor. It has to be verified by calling Starbucks and asking them whether they use alcohol as a solvent in flavor or not. The information about what solvent used in a flavor is appeared in the specification of any flavor. The specifications are maintained by QA department of a food company and consumer department of a company has no access to specification, so they have to find out from QA department. Beside alcohol in flavor there other 15 ingredients which are listed at ALERT section of this website if one of them present in Starbuck Coffee then that particular flavored coffee is not Halal. Since the said website do not provides complete ingredients list. We only recommend their regular coffee because it is 100% coffee no other ingredients except water is used in the regular Starbuck coffeee. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:04:59
  • Are Zabihah products doubtful?
    I know Zabihah products are certified 'Halal' by Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). But in our locality few hardcore Tablighi peoples are claiming that these products are not permissible, some says these products are makrooh. The 2nd group says that the stunning process of the chicken may cause direct death to the chicken and that's why it should be makrooh. Can you please tell which opinion to be followed? JazakAllahu khairan - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum MCG do not consider machine slaughtered Halal animal as Halal according to our Ulema. ISNA Canada consider machine slaughter as Halal. Regarding stunning MCG do not consider stunning as Halal. No stunning is allowed in Canada and USA for Kosher meat then why Muslims insist on stunning. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed Muslim Consumer Group For Food Products
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:02:24
  • Flora Natural Health Products

    As-salam alaiykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu,

    Can these natural health products be consumed by Muslims in Canada?

    Salus® Kindervital Children's Multivitamin … 80_LBL.htm

    Salus® Floradix® Formula … 8B9968.htm


    - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum These natural health products are Halal only when they have a kosher symbol on the package such as COR, MK, OU and no alcohol in flavor. Alcohol is a hidden ingredient of flavor. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 02:01:20
  • Mike-Ikes and Cadbury's Hot Chocolate
    Mike-Ikes Jelly Beans and Cadbury's Hot Chocolate halal ? - Anonymous user
  • AOA Mike-Ike is not Halal because it is coated with confectionar glaze which is made by dissolving shellac in alcohol. Jelly Beans is Halal oly if no alcohol is used in flavor and if they carries kosher symbol on the package. For Cadbury, please write "Cadbury" under search then you will get the answers. Cadbury's Hot Chocolate is Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:39:39
  • voortman cookies
    Assalamualaikum In your website you said that voortman cookies are halal because they are Kosher and no alcohol in the flavor. But how long we can be sure about the Halal ness of this product since they are not under supervision of any Halal authority . When they do any changes in the ingredients they won't inform muslim consumer. Wassalam - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum The Halal status of ingredients in Voortman cookies remained Halal as long it has kosher symbol on the package even if they change the ingredients they are always used kosher certified ingredients. It is very important that kosher certification must meet the Halal requirements otherwise it will not be Halal. There is noHalal certified cookies in USA and Canada. Food companies are not interested in Halal certificaion. There are very few Halal certified products in USA and Canada. Alcohol in flavor may change or may not change, in that case you as a consumer has to call their 800 number to verify it on a six to one year base. In order to consume Halal foods Muslims should also help Halal food websites like many other Muslims help.
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:38:16
  • sensodyne Toothpaste
    I have a question regarding sensodyne toothpaste, the whitening and tarter fighting version. I called their company and they said they don’t have any animal derived ingredients, to which Muslim consumer group also acknowledged. My real question is, does this product contain any alcohol? mainly in the fragrance. And what are the main ingredients that are usually harram in toothpastes? - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum

    Many skin care companies refused to answer the question about presence or absence of alcohol as a solvent or carrier in fragrance or flavor in case of toothpastes. We can not force them to answer our question. In such case I recommend you to contact your Islamic scholar and explain the situation and ask his advice.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:37:19
  • Benefibre
    You state benefibre is halal. There is no kosher symbol on the powder form.... - Anonymous user
  • AOA Please provide evidence where we put Benefiber as Halal. We do mentioned META MUCIL POWDERS AND CITRUCEL POWDER FIBER LAXATIVES ARE HALAL on Canadianhalafoods website. If you search Benefibre or Benefiber on our global search you will get the above laxitives. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:34:08
  • Disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate
    Is this halal. It is found in many hips and snacks, as well as soups. They are labelled as kosher. But I heard these are grown on Brewers Yeast. How are we to know?? - Anonymous user
  • AOA They are not made with brewer yeast extract but made with sugar fermentation with Coryne Bacterium in Indonesia and Halal certified by MUI. As per literature, they also obtained through Sardines or seaweeds, topioca starch. Lays Chips in Pakistan contain these ingredients which obtained from topioca starch and it is also Halal certified in Pakistan. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:28:15
  • Any halal cheese?
    As salamu alaikum. I would like to know if there is any brand for mozarella, cheddar or feta cheese that is halal. JazakAllahu khair. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum

    There are no Halal Mozzarella, Cheddar and Feta cheeses in Toronto's supermarkets. Sorrento cheese company Buffalo, NY based has a kosher certified Mozzarella cheese but it is not available in Toronto. The only place you can get Miller, Migdal brand of kosher cheeses at kosher foods stores in Toronto. You can go to to find their telephone numbers and addresses.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:26:48
  • Not all labelled Kosher products are Kosher
    Careful when buying Kosher products in Canada. Read below: Q: Why do many products in the United States have an OU or other acceptable symbol on such products as cookies and granola bars, but the same brands are not under supervision in Canada? A: One of the main reasons for this is that the product is made by a different manufacturer who does not have kosher endorsement. A good example of this is the Kit Kat chocolate bar. Kit Kat in the United States is made by Hershey Foods Corporation, which has the Orthodox Union certification. Here in Canada, it is made by the Cadbury Schweppes group which does not have kosher endorsement for Kit Kat. The formula may be the same but the raw materials and sourcing of the ingredients may not. The glycerin used here would most probably be from an animal source whereas, the American kosher product would use glycerin from a kosher source. - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Good advice to Canadian Muslims. But there are few other things: 1. The line may not be kosher certified for Kit Kat in Canada. The glycerin is not used in Kit Kat but two different emulsifiers are used, Soy Lecithin a Halal emulsifier and PGPR(Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate)obtained from castor beans a Halal source. Other non Kosher chocoltae products containing animal fat ingredients may be made on the same line. 2. May be all ingredients are not Kosher certified. 3. May be they non kosher hidden ingredients 4. May be they add non Kosher rework products to Kit Kat. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:25:22
  • Halal Baby milk ?
    Asslmu alykum, I want to know if there is any Halal Baby milk for kids in Canada ? Milk for new born baby. I live in Ottawa Ontario. Jazak Allah - Anonymous user
  • Assalam O Alaikum Please go to Price Chopper supermarket section of this website and you will find Halal Similac infant formula. Similac in Canada is Halal but not in USA because of presnce of Nucleotide which obtained from yeast cells grown on alcohol. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:23:32
  • Duncan Hines Products
    Are the Brownies and Frosting by Duncan Hines Halal or not? I cannot figure this out as per the last alert regarding Duncan Hines products. - Anonymous user
  • AOA Duncan Hine Whipped Vanilla Frosting is Halal because it is made with Halal Vanillin(a artificial flavor). Classic Carrot Cake Mix and Moist Deluxe Chocolate Fudeg Cake Mix are also Halal because they are not made with any flavor. Brownies are not Halal because they use alcohol in the flavor.
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:21:48
  • halal beauty products
    Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullah, I was wondering if there are any halal creams or moisturizers here in North America and specifically in Canada.With the winter upon us, these things become essential for dry irritated skin.I am also looking for halal chapsticks or lip balm.JAK - Anonymous user
  • You will be able to get them soon. Our uk based company are in the process of certifying as halal ( INSHALLAH) lip balms in various flavours including mint, chocolate, strawberry and many more. All are unique and contain natural ingrediants.
    Category: Archive
    04-28-11 01:17:37
  • Halal Soups In Local Stores
    Asalam U A'likum i want to know about Halal Soups in local stores like No Frills and Walmart and other stores like shopper drug mart , please let me know ASAP - Anonymous user
  • AOA We could not find any Halal soup in Price Chopper or No Frills. Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
    Category: Archive
    04-23-11 03:46:18
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